Gilroy Swimming Pool Removal

Is your swimming pool a backyard hog and you're tired of it? We perform Gilroy, CA, pool removals for homeowners who either no longer want their pools, or need to remodel their existing pool.

Pool Demolition in Gilroy

An old swimming pool can become a significant problem. Many homeowners install a pool in the backyard when they have young children. They enjoy the pool for years, but after the kids grow up no one uses it anymore. The once-loved pool quickly becomes a money pit. Cleaning and maintenance costs are a big hassle. Your home insurance premiums remain high simply because you have a pool. It's no wonder that Gilroy pool demolition contractors stay busy year round removing old pools.

It is essential when choosing a Gilroy pool fill in contractor that you pick a highly professional and experienced team. Removing a pool is a lot more than just filling in a giant hole in the ground. We understand all the aspects that go into a full pool removal, and we have the equipment to make it possible. Many lesser contractors start a pool removal and then get overwhelmed by the pounds of concrete and yards of rebar that they have to remove, so they either quit the work or don't do a quality job.

We are professional Gilroy, CA pool demolition contractors who have done many pool removals in California. Before we begin our work, we always consult the homeowner to make sure they understand what pool demolition entails. The process starts by getting a Gilroy, California pool removal permit and then safely draining all pool water into a sewer-treated drain. Once the pool has been properly drained, we bring in our heavy drilling machines to break through the layers of concrete and rebar. We remove this material and bring in fresh dirt to fill in the old pool area, taking care to correctly compact the dirt while filling it.

Why Compact Dirt?

Unfortunately, many Northern California pool demolition contractors leave out this crucial step. If the dirt is not compacted properly when back-filling the pool, it will settle after the first hard rain. This means you'll have a sunken area in your yard where the pool used to be, which is a hallmark of shoddy contract work. Don't let this happen to you, call us today for all your Gilroy, CA pool removal needs.

Gilry Pool Fill In and Pool Removal
Gilroy pool removal with help of demolition backhoe
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